Who Are We?

SFG is a highly experienced multi-faceted lending and investment management group, as well as acting principals in other closely held investment and operating businesses. SFG is a family managed entity made up of a father and his three sons.

The history of SFG commenced in the early 1980’s and now expands over 25 years. Our founding member, someone we like to call Dad, founded his company with two partners. This company formed the basis and experience that became SFG.

This company focused primarily in Real Estate and Hospitality asset investments by way of syndication. The company quickly grew its asset base in excess of $9 Billion over a period of ten years. The company proudly owned and developed some of the finest hotels and resorts in the world. As with all industries, the business cycles dictate the economic opportunities and challenges. The cyclical nature of the Real Estate Industry coupled with the 1986 Tax Reform Act created the next phase of the Real Estate market. The opportunities of real estate syndications were no longer a viable vehicle for investment. At this time, the company commenced a very strategic and intensive disposition program. Although the majority of the asset base was sold through 1995, some of the most impressive success stories occurred as late as 2005.

Although real estate investment sets the original focus and continues to be a major investment target, SFG began to seek alternative investment opportunities. This sets the stage for our current investment objective that clearly has a more diversified portfolio that includes involvement into Real Estate, Hotel Hospitality, Venture Capital, Mezzanine Lending, and Pension Fund Investment Management.

Our corporate philosophy has been and always will be set around our relationships. We pride ourselves on those we work with. We seek partners that compliment our skill-set and allow us to compliment theirs. We use the “round table” as a guide to our “win/win” strategy.

We welcome you to our website and encourage you to visit our Current Projects section as well as our links to our many affiliate companies. Should you require additional information we welcome you to Contact Us.