Stone Brothers Capital, LLC

Stone Brothers Capital, LLC is a national hard money mezzanine lender with a focus on lending equity to small home builders and land developers. SBC differs from other lenders because of its ability to offer flexibility to its borrowers. Some of these characteristics are:

  • Compact management team and approval process capable of executing transactions quickly and efficiently, particularly where unique deal aspects require the attention of senior, seasoned real estate finance professionals.
  • Higher Loan to value
  • Funds for property improvement
  • Loans approved without committee
  • No Layers of decision making


Stone Brothers Capital, LLC – Current Projects

The following is a sampling of indicative deals and sample transactions.

  • Loan Sizes: up to $2mm
  • Pricing: Loans are priced on an individual basis consistent with inherent risk profiles. Pricing is floating off of Prime.
  • Fees: Typically 1% to 2% depending on risk profile and term.
  • Recourse: Nearly all transactions carry some level of recourse. Limits on levels of recourse may be available depending on the individual transactions.
  • Terms: One to three years in duration. Extension options are available depending on the characteristics of the individual transaction.

Collins Park - Berthoud, Colorado
Overview: $1 MM mezzanine loan for acquisition, improvement, and development of 67 single family residential lots located in Colorado.

Unique Characteristics:
► Financing structure allowed Borrower to purchase the property with minimal cash contribution.
► Allows Borrower to obtain other potential properties.

Riley Creek - Marengo, Illinois
Overview: Equity to acquire and finish 48 single family residential lots outside of Chicago.

Unique Characteristics:
► Our group receives a preferred “exit fee” on each lot sale
► The return to our company is fixed
► Allows developer flexibility in marketing the land