Life Investment Management, LLC

About Life Investment Management, LLC

The individuals of Life Investment Management, LLC (“LIM”) bring 100 years of combined experience in the fields of Asset Management, Life Settlement Industry, Pension Fund Management, Insurance industry, Legal and Financial Consulting. LIM has also established relationships with sources of Settlement Contracts and investors. Additionally, the company has developed proprietary software to underwrite and analyze potential acquisitions.

The members of LIM have expert knowledge of the Life Settlement industry and have developed relationships with licensed Life Settlement providers, expert 3rd party medical actuaries, and underwriters. The management team has acquired, owned, maintained, and disposed of multi-million dollar portfolios of Settlement Contracts. The Managers will contract 3rd party tracking service companies to monitor the viators’ status in order to distribute funds upon maturities. The ability to quickly review and underwrite purchase and sale opportunities will keep us ahead of the competition.

The experienced, skilled, and multidiscipline staff includes multiple Certified Public Accountants, Lawyers, and Investment Analysts. The team feels with available funds we can further develop and fund existing sources to buy policies and move decisively to obtain policies at prices to fit our criteria and offer attractive rate of returns. The life settlement industry is constantly evolving and the members of LIM feel they have a strong pulse on the market.

Life Settlement Industry Overview

The term “Settlement Contract” refers to a contract involving the sale, assignment, or transfer of all or part of the face amount of a life insurance policy or certificate of life insurance for consideration less than the expected death benefit (or face amount) of the insurance policy. The purchaser of a Settlement Contract is required to pay any premiums and other amounts required to maintain the life insurance coverage and are entitled to receive insurance proceeds equal to the face amount upon the death of the insured. Settlement Contracts offer insureds an opportunity to sell their life insurance coverage and eliminate the burden of paying the related insurance premiums. Insureds may sell their life insurance coverage for personal reasons, such as financial or health circumstances, to make charitable contributions, to settle debts and financial obligations, or to pursue alternate investment opportunities

The net profit generated on a Settlement Contract is the difference between the proceeds realized from the policy upon the death of the insured LIM’s strategy is to maximize return by purchasing Settlement Contracts that fit within the our specific acquisition criteria. We believe that our knowledge of the market and the existing inefficiencies in the industry will allow the identification and acquisition of Settlement Contracts which meet favorable target yields. Further, the activity in the industry should provide opportunistic purchase situations for the Company based on its ability to move quickly.

Industry sources project that sales of Settlement Contracts in the secondary market will aggregate in the billions. Industry sources project that Settlement Contracts entered into 2005 will total nearly $10 - $15 billion, up form $2 million in 1989. Given the amount of life insurance policies in force in the United States, insurance industry estimates place the potential for sale in the secondary market at between $134 billion and $500 billion. Based on these estimates, the market potential for Settlement Contracts is significantly greater than has been achieved thus far.