Our Family of Financial Planning
SFG is a highly experienced multi-faceted lending and investment management group, as well as acting principals in other closely held investment and operating businesses. SFG is a family managed entity made up of a father and his three sons.

The history of SFG commenced in the early 1980’s and now expands over 25 years. Our founding member, someone we like to call Dad, founded his company with two partners. This company formed the basis and experience that became SFG.

We welcome you to our website and encourage you to visit our Current Projects section as well as our links to our many affiliate companies. Should you require additional information we welcome you to Contact Us.

The Group of Stone Financial
Hostmark Hospitality Group
One of the hospitality industry's largest independent management companies
Life Investment Management LLC
Taking an analytical and investment approach to the life settlement industry
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Stone Brothers Capital LLC
Hard money mezzanine lender with a focus on lending equity to small home builders and land developers.
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