SFG Current Projects

Rancho Encantado
Rancho Encantado is planned to be the first LUXURY RESORT and SPA built in Santa Fe. The resort will feature 62 cottage style units, an adobe main lodge with world class restaurants, a full service spa, pool, and fitness facility. The resort borders on the Santa Fe National forest making it an ideal spot for biking, hiking, and horseback riding. When the resort is completed, Rancho Encantado will be one of the premier destinations in the United States and is expected to be the market leader in Santa Fe.

Hostmark Hospitality Group is one of the hospitality industry's largest independent MANAGEMENT COMPANIES. Founded in 1965, the company has managed more than 250 hotels in 40 states, the Caribbean, Canada and the Middle East. Hostmark's broad experience across a multitude of property types and markets has allowed the company to continue to succeed for almost four decades.

Life Investment Management, LLC
SFG, one of the founding members of Life Investment Management, LLC has spent considerable time analyzing the LIFE SETTLEMENT INDUSTRY and has acquired its own portfolio of policies with a face value of over $15 million.

Stone Brothers Capital, LLC
Stone Brothers Capital, LLC Financing is a MEZZANINE LENDER with a focus on financing to small home builders and land developers.

JoBar Enterprises, LLC
JoBar and/or its affiliates actively seek to invest its own equity into VENTURE CAPITAL opportunities. Its strategy is to diversify its portfolio in order to maximize potential return and diversify risk amongst many different industries. JoBar currently has or was an active investor in the following companies:

► Jonathon Roche Training Systems- www.momentumweightloss.com
► Sonicare Electronic Toothbrushes™
► Amalfi Hotel Chicago - www.amalfihotelchicago.com
► It’s Academic, Inc - www.its-academic.com
► Texture Media - www.texturemedia.com